My Background and Services

My Background


¨     Bachelor of Arts degree from Northwestern University.


¨     National Merit Scholar, Coca Cola Scholarship Semi Finalist and was awarded in over     

          $3.5 million in scholarships (combined scholarship monies from all offers).

¨     Accepted to Yale, Duke, Northwestern, Brown, Barnard, University of Illinois and other 

          Prestigous Universities


Professional Experience


5 years in recruitment and account management – specifically for highly technical industries and professions.


Some Clients Served: Motorola, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Illinois, The Northern Trust, Abbott Labs, McDonalds, TransUnion, SBC, AON and others



Professional Training & Certification


¨     Certified Internet Recruiter

¨     Performance Based Interviewing

¨     Behavior Based Interviewing

¨     Qualifications of Top Recruiters

¨     Effective Business Communications

¨     Motivating Teams

¨     Effective Organizational Leadership

¨     Diversity Recruitment

¨     Developing Leaders


Services Offered


¨     Resume Writing and Revisions

¨     Cover Letter Writing and Revisions

¨     Job Search Services

¨     Interview Preperation and Coaching

¨     Customized Career Services

¨     Document Editing

¨     Essay Writing and Editing

¨     College Application Review

¨     College Essay Editing and Review

¨     Scholarship Essay Editing and Review



Contact for a no cost, initial consultation.


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