Why pay for my resume when there is a resume template on my computer?

Despite the fact that your computer has this template, its just that, a template. You may even know someone who has really cool templates, but unless you know the buzz words to imclude on your resume, it may be over looked.


Why pay for a job search when there are free job boards?

A job search is something that takes time, commitment and focus. Its not as easy as entering search terms, and you may know that by now if you are currently searching for a job.  As Certified Internet Recruiter, I have various techniques in locating candidates, and that information can be used in locating jobs and hiring managers. Utilize my experience and network to assist in your search, and save your time. I also use tecnologies to automate certain processes, allowing for more job matches than the average person can access.


Do I get my resume and cover letter?

Yes, once I edit and revise your resume and cover letter, you have full accessibility to your resume.


How much does it cost?

My services are customized based on what is needed, but they start at $25 for resumes. Contact me at yourcareercoach@ymail.com for a free consultation.


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