Aim and follow through

Did you miss me? Sorry Ive been AWOL for a bit, but trying to help small businesses stay in business is tough. I’ve seen a lot and learned even more. The recession has impacted everyone in every way imaginable. I am seeking it effect the small business extremely, which in turn is having a negative effect on employment.

In these trying times, make it as easy for yourself and the hiring manager. Here are a couple of easy tips to make your job search a little less frustrating and more fruitful. I can sum it up in a few words: AIM and FOLLOW THROUGH. Very simple concepts, but a little harder to enact because they may seem counter intuitive.

Target your resume submission

While its good to apply to as many positions as possible, in order to increase your chances, only apply to those positions that you are truly qualified for.

Many of you may be tired of hearing “you are over qualified.” How can that be? Im sure you think, f I have more than enough skills to do the job, I should be able to do the job just fine? Right? Well…in a perfect world, yes. But we all know that sooner or later (more likely sooner), the over qualified worker soon becomes the bored worker. That leaves the employer having to fill a position again.

Follow Directions

If the employer says, no phone calls please, then PLEASE, no phone calls. Well, I am trying to distinguish myself from the pack, you say. I just want to follow up on my resume. Nine times out of Ten, you are bothering the hiring manager more than you are helping them. NO, really you are. Think about this….you are sitting down to dinner, after a long day at work. Your husband or wife, brings your dinner plate, lights a candle and just when you are about to sit down at the table RRRRRRRIIIINNGGG!! Its your phone. And guess who’s on the other end, some telemarketer. Yep, you are just like that telemarketer. You are an unsolicited caller who is interrupting someone else’s day. Also, you probably are not the only person calling the hiring manager. Now, you may be on the tail end of misguided frustration. What a great first impression!

Follow the directions explicitly and it will take you that much further. If you really are 100% qualified for the job, the hiring personnel would be calling YOU!


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