10 Things I hate about your resume (Part 1)


OK, here are my personal pet peeves about resumes, but I promise you any recruiter that has been doing this for a bit, will have some of the same peeves. Be forewarned, names have been changed to protect the innocent (as well as the not so well informed). If any of these apply to you, please take note that the HR associate who is reviewing your resume may feel the same way I do. So below are the first 5 things I hate about your resume



1)       Your email address – Please keep in mind that in most instances, this is the first impression that a hiring manager will get from you. Email is the equivalent of identification. Unlike a phone number, which is completely random, you choose your email. I will never forget the resume of a girl whose email address was dirtysanchez@abc.com. Now her last name was really Sanchez, but she should have kept that email for personal use. I can appreciate a laugh, but it also makes me wonder about her judgment, not to mention her personal life.

2)       Objectives – Now, these are not inherently bad, its just that people make them bad. Very few resumes have been able to properly tell the audience what they really are looking for, because most job seekers don’t know what they are looking for. Lets not waste anymore time with crappy objectives.  I personally prefer “professional summary” sections that highlight your skills and accomplishments. Shameless plug warning: if you need assistance creating a professional summary section of your resume, please contact me at yourcareercoach@ymail.com

3)       Inappropriate Information – In the age of Twittering and MySpace and (ahem) blogging, people often loose site of the line between personal and professional.  All information is not good information. When you first meet someone, do you share your life story with them? Do you tell them your sob story about how your man left you and you have no money to pay your bills? No, you don’t, so please don’t share that information on a resume or cover letter. No one wants to know about your personal life, but if you give HR that opening, best believe that information like that will be used in making hiring decisions. And that leads to my next point….

4)       Content – You should look at your resume for what it really is: a brief introduction to your professional life; a first impression, of sorts. If your resume is sucks, your have left a sucky first impression with employers. Really answer questions like: What do I do on a day to day basis? How do I know when I do a good job? What kind of positions do I want to be considered for? 

5)       Dear Hiring Manager – Ok, this isn’t something that I hate, but it irks me for obvious reasons. When I post positions, my name is at the bottom of the posting. If you cant take the time to read my name, how can you take the time to do your job?

Consider yourself informed. And yes, some of these may seem obvious, but please believe, in the past 5 years, I have seen all of the above multiple times. Like they say, common sense is not that common….





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